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Wellbeing Centre

University of Liverpool Campus, Merseyside


A Tower in Eden


The insightful Maggies’ Centre brief, academic research and an intensive primary research period allow this project to address the main wellbeing concerns of Liverpool’s student population.


A thatched tower provides a domestic landmark terminating an extended urban axis set within a mature landscape. The tower allows the site to be devoted to landscape whilst facilitating a new desire line leading students towards the heart of campus.

Le Corbusier’s Temple Primitif plan is used as a paradigmatic guide, causing subconscious satisfaction.

The architecture’s goal is to promote an autonomous attitude to wellbeing whilst preventively starting the healing process before further treatment is needed, reducing the stress on support services.

Inspired by Solidspace, a series of breaks in the floor plates provide  visual interest through internal balconies and encourage circulation throughout the building.

SECTION DRWGS Grainy style colour change
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