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Public Installation - AI Generated Light Show



Mapping the Ark

Administrative Territories

The Modern Day Levant

The Journey of the Ark

Inspired by Mario Klingemann’s AI artworks, AI algorithms are used

to blend images of artworks which evolve to produce different versions of the same piece which are projected onto key architectural locations is Jerusalem in an evening light performance.

Public artwork investigating the cultural history of the area hopes to become a vessel for  commentary, sparking conversation and  providing a different perspective for the local population.

Part of this project came from a critique of Google Arts & Culture’s method of applying technology.

We noted that the standard practice was to use technology to make the experience available to the rest of the world removing elements of site and location as well as nuanced contexts and the personal / private nature of some projects.


The methodology for this project hoped to invert this by applying the technology but re-placing and re-locating the project within its original context.  

That is why this installation is situated and not available to all online.

We discussed whether it was appropriate for two UK residents to be designing in this context and concluded that our commentary was not projecting an opinion, but acting as a catalyst for discussion and conversation. 

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